The ICN research task force

The ICN research task force was launched on 15th February, 2018; a meeting was held soon after to discuss its purpose and objectives. The initiative, proposed by ICN professors, aims to facilitate and encourage research, identify the intellectual and research interests of the faculty and inform participants on the availability of support for research and professional development. The task force is a working group overseeing research education, training and dissemination. It will meet once a month to discuss different research activities in the school. The participant professors are Pierpaolo PARROTTA, Wendelin KUEPERS, Matthew HAWKINS, Insaf KHELLADI, Nicolas BATTARD, Marianna MARINO, BIGA DIAMBEIDOU Mahamadou, Stefan STOECKL, Stéphanie THIERY-DUBUISSON, Silvester IVANAJ, Thierry HOUE, Sandrine JACOB-LEAL, Didier FASS and Alejandra DUENAS.

Please note: The group remains open to anyone who may be interested.

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Good Bye Lunch

On Monday, April 29th, the international relations office celebrated the end of the 2018-2019 academic year together with the international students. The French buffet lunch was an opportunity to share those last precious moments.


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A new partner in Canada: Concordia University

As always, ICN is pleased to announce a new partnership, especially one that is AACSB accredited! Based on mutual understanding and the desire to cooperate in education and research, ICN Business School and Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, have signed a partnership agreement, opening up their doors to international exchange possibilities for students and faculty […]

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