Student testimonial : Abdelhaq, Moroccan student in Master in Management - ICN Business School

Student testimonial : Abdelhaq, Moroccan student in Master in Management

Hi. My name is Abdelhaq, I’m from Morocco and its my first year in France. I study Corporate Finance at ICN Business School.

I have chosen ICN because it’s one of the best business schools in France. The Artem campus is unique by its creative design and the alliance with 3 other schools. 40% of the students are international, so it’s an opportunity for me to meet different cultures from all around the world.

ICN is well-known for its masters in finance taught by high caliber professors and for the quality of the courses adapted to the needs of the job market.

The main campus is located in Nancy, a very welcoming city for students full of activities and events of all kinds. ICN clubs and associations organize several events during the year that allow us to hang out with friends and enjoy new experiences.

I’m very satisfied with joining ICN and I would like to encourage international students to come and study here because it’s a great opportunity for a personal and professional career. Join the family!

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