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Station A, a space for innovation and technology, open to the world

The Artem Alliance has allowed the school to develop many interdisciplinary activities throughout the duration of students’ education, in conjunction with the Ecole nationale supérieure d’art et de design de Nancy and Mines Nancy. ICN is now extending its development strategy with a campus in Paris and Berlin. In addition, the school will remain faithful to its choices in terms of learning design, with particular focus on openness, innovation and creativity for students and academic staff alike. The ICN Station A(rt, technology & management), is a physical 600 m² space, which is an extension of the Artem campus, and will be inaugurated in February 2021. It will be dedicated to collective intelligence, open to students, business and enterprise and ICN partners alike, and will contribute to the development of our school values. Our aim has been the creation of spaces designed to be open and flexible, to encourage exchange between very broad disciplinary fields, to enable experimentation, exploration and cooperation in approaching complex problems. Stimulating the creativity of students and professionals alike, in this way, will encourage them to think and act differently.

Station A will become the ICN Moving Lab, encouraging learning through experience, agility and an ability to grasp complexity. It is a living meeting ground for students, lecturers and researchers, financial partners, local economic and government bodies to be able to imagine the unimaginable. Through various working groups on rich and varied themes such as the entrepreneurial dimension, banking, or new technologies – to name just a few – students will be able to discover new environments that will help them to train and professionalize themselves. Thanks to ICN’s partnerships with several companies in the Grand Est region, theme-based workshops will be offered to students. They will learn through simulations or concrete situations with the help of professionals recognized in their profession. In addition, students will be able to take part in Artem experiences focused, among other things, on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is indeed an important dimension at ICN, as the school is keen to support its student-entrepreneurs in bringing their project to life. Also, permanent conferences will be presented by universities, European or international schools. Finally, pedagogical capsules or personalized continuing training will be offered, according to the needs of companies and/or in coherence with the students’ training projects.

The school puts forward ideas, developed with artists, designers, film or stage directors, engineers and more. This enables to confront different points of view, share various experiences, and mix consciences, which fosters real-life situations enabling responses to social issues and/ or business concerns. Learning through discovery and coming up against real scenarios constitutes one of the most powerful ideas in learning theory and design.

Finally, Station A, on Place de Padoue in Nancy, is to be reproduced on each of the school campuses. This will enable students to benefit from the same student experience in Nancy, Paris and Berlin.

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