ICN Business School co-signed an open letter by way of a reply to petitions for reimbursement of school fees - ICN Business School

ICN Business School co-signed an open letter by way of a reply to petitions for reimbursement of school fees

Following the second lockdown, a certain number of students at business schools made claims for partial reimbursement of school fees, citing the general transition to distance learning, serious risk of drop-out and student precarity. The 9 members of the Chapter Council of Business Schools of the CGE, of which ICN is a member, decided to write an open letter by way of a reply to the petitions made by students.

Over the past few weeks, various questions have been raised and requests have been made here and there concerning tuition fees in business schools which are ‘Grande Ecoles’. The movement started in the United States, where, since the lockdown of last March, higher education teaching has been delivered in a format that differed to that used in France. Campuses are closed and there is little or no support being offered to students.

Some French students have occasionally taken up the same request. The situation, however, is not comparable, as in France everything necessary was put in place by schools, in conjunction with the government department for higher education, research and innovation (MESRI), such that campuses might be kept open. This has been true for permanent points of contact, services, distance learning and even support for students who have found themselves isolated or in difficulty. This was put in place from the month of March and has since been strongly developed in all the Grandes Ecoles, where classroom-based teaching has been partially maintained.

For this reason, we would like to take the opportunity to explain how resources are allocated in our schools, and underline the differences between our learning models and those used in the US. Our aim is to reassure families and stakeholders about issues surrounding the thorny debate which continues to raise questions about tuition fees in private educational establishments.




The members of the Chapter Council of the CGE business schools: Alice GUILHON (Skema) – Christophe GERMAIN (Audencia) – Stephan BOURCIEU (BSB) – Frank BOURNOIS (ESCP) – Emmanuel METAIS (Edhec) – Françoise ROUDIER (ESC Clermont) – Jean- François FIORINA (GEM) – Florence LEGROS (ICN) – Francis BECARD (SCBS)

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