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An ICN MSc in International Business Development student shares his experience about the program

Emiliano ZAMPINI is an Italian student in first year of the ICN MSc in International Business Development. Before joining ICN Business School last September, he obtained a BBA of Business Administration and Management at the Universita degli Studi Niccolo Cusano-Telematica of Rome.

He accepts answering questions about the reasons why he chose this program, what he appreciates in it and his future projects.

Why did you choose the ICN MSc in International Business Development?

After having obtained my bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management in Rome, I was looking for a specific Master in International Business. Several factors pushed me to join the ICN one:
– The particular structure of the program as a mix of theory and practice, with numerous company visits and lectures given by experienced professionals;
– A one life opportunity to study and work in Chengdu (China) for a four-month period during the second year, thus acquiring a close insight into Chinese business practices and culture;
– The recognized quality of the program as well as by the international reputation ICN has.

What do you especially appreciate in this program?

A clear understanding of the core stakes of a company undoubtedly represents a first step towards the vast business dimension comprehension. However, because of the always higher complexity in which companies are forced to act, a “go beyond” approach is necessary. Adaptation, flexibility, soft skills as well as a genuine cultural openness are indispensable factors to act on an international scale.
It is exactly in this part that the ICN MSc in International Business Development excels; in fact, it not only underlines but also analyses in depth these components, in order to give us a truthful image of the world we will enter as future managers.

What is your professional project?

Once I will complete my Master studies, I would like to gain solid experience in a multinational company, preferably performing a position in the commercial/business development field. Because of the passion I have for the automotive sector, I am currently more orientated toward this type of industry. Moreover, I also strictly believe in the importance of pursuing an MBA; thus, after some years of work experience, a continuation of my academical career is highly probable.

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