A new International Promotion Manager and a strengthened network of representative agents - ICN Business School

A new International Promotion Manager and a strengthened network of representative agents

ICN Business School is a resolutely international school. Since April, it has had a new international marketing and promotion manager based in Nancy and a reinforced network of representatives throughout the world. With triple accreditation and star campuses in Nancy, Paris and Berlin, the school now has a new challenge to meet: to further increase its international visibility and thus introduce international students to the CreActive universe of ICN!

The majority of international students choose the ICN Grande Ecole Programme with a double degree; there are also candidates for the Bachelor in Management and MSc programmes such as Luxury and Design Management, International Management – MIEX or Finance.

Although the particular situation related to Covid-19 has strongly impacted the arrival of foreign students in Europe and consequently the number of foreign candidates at ICN for the start of the 2020/2021 academic year, every effort is being made to remain attentive to its future students. Because international promotion is above all a work of communication and information. Thanks to the forces deployed and the help of the marketing and communication team, new applications are arriving, with a slight delay.

The admission dates have been pushed back from July to the beginning of September. If you have any questions about the admission procedure, please do not hesitate to contact Aleksandra CZERSKA, Head of International Promotion: aleksandra.czerska@icn-artem.com.

or one of our employees around the world:

In Africa: stanislas.beuleu@icn-artem.com

In Germany: lena.scholtke@icn-artem.com

In China: kangxiaoyang520@yeah.net

In Shanghai: huyile0302@126.com

In Vietnam: hanhnd@utc.edu.vn

In Taiwan: emily@ciei.com.tw

In Russia: raphael@quartier-latin.com

In India: midhun@uniark.in

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