3 questions for Florence LEGROS, Director of ICN Business School - ICN Business School

3 questions for Florence LEGROS, Director of ICN Business School

If you had one thing to say to the parents of students at ICN Business School, what would it be?

A big thank you for their trust. It is not lost on me, the significance of being entrusted with students at this stage in their lives, where everything is wide open, and sometimes too wide open. At ICN, we try to accompany students throughout their study and career choice processes. Our great hope is that they will have the best years of their young lives with us!

How would you characterise 2020 for ICN?

It has been a year of ups and downs. We were granted our Triple Crown accreditation in May 2020. It was with a sense of enormous pride that we were admitted to the select group that constitutes the top 1% of business schools in the world. The triple accreditation was the result of much hard work within the school, with quality measures being undertaken in all areas of the school: an enriched and more highly qualified academic staff, close monitoring of students, international partnerships with other accredited organisations and so on.

Then, as early as March, we also had to confront the COVID-19 pandemic with the same determination, providing high-quality teaching even at a distance. Like most organisations, ICN has suffered financially from activities such as lifelong learning programmes and the summer programme being halted. The number of foreign students has also been reduced. We have made big investments to enable us to deliver remote teaching in the best possible conditions, such that students do not suffer (too much) from the situation.

And what will the dynamic be for 2021?

The school has been ‘multi-campus’ for two years now, and we have promised students that they will be able to navigate between campuses with, say, a first year in Paris, a second year in Nancy, and the third in Berlin… well, why not?

Students need to have the same level of experience on each campus, and that is why we have created ‘Station A’. Station A is both a laboratory and a place to experiment in learning design. On each campus, we find spaces for innovation; creativity rooms which enable the interdisciplinary approach long encouraged on the Nancy campus, with Artem. The epicentre of Station A is a new building, located on Place de Padoue in Nancy, with two and a half floors of space for CreaCtive work.

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