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The Artem Alliance

About the Artem Alliance

Founded in 1999, Artem is a unique alliance between the École nationale supérieure d’art et de design de Nancy, ICN Business School and Mines Nancy. It is a partnership which promotes, in its educational programs, interdisciplinarity, alternative learning methods, creativity and innovation, all with a view to training a new generation of creators and decision-makers.

If each School has its own specialization and character, together they make a unique alliance! The three Graduate Schools encourage their students to think differently and take on challenges which are far removed from their initial fi eld of expertise. The objective is to develop in them a new mind-set, a new behavioral approach which is more appropriate to the complex and interdisciplinary nature of contemporary practice and more akin to the agility, mobility and reactivity which today’s society needs.

To do this, Artem calls on the specialist knowledge and skills of lecturers and researchers from different cultures. It then designs course content and teaching methods around a wide diversity of disciplines: art, communication, design, company management, marketing, fi nance, energy, materials, processes, geo-engineering, applied mathematics, information systems, etc.

This approach responds to the expectations of socio-economic players, in that it seeks to invent new arenas for discussion and cooperation, to give added impetus to the links between research, creation and production, and to highlight new skill sources and opportunities for development.

Some information about Artem

    • 3.500 students gathered on a 97 000 M² campus
    • More than 20 common workshops
    • 3.000 common teaching hours per year
    • Conferences
    • Joint student associations
    • Double degrees
    • A jointly-taught MSc degree in Luxury and Design Management
    • 150 faculty-researchers
  • 300 administrative and technical support staff

Artem in teaching

In order to provide innovative and transdisciplinary education, ICN Business School organises with the other two ARTEM Schools the Ateliers ARTEM, mandatory weekly workshops attended by the Master students of the three Schools. Students can choose from a wide range of topics comprising from finance to robotics. The shared principle between all workshops, irrespective of the topic, is having in the same space students, faculty and professionals from such different fields as arts, engineering, and management with the single objective of exploring real business issues.

Concurrently, the three Schools organise the Creative Business Days, an intensive week-long session where first-year Master students from the three Schools are coached by faculty and professionals while they participate in a competition to solve a business-related challenge. Placed at the start of the Master in Management program, the CB Days immediately convey a realistic perspective over a transdisciplinary environment composed of a multitude of cultures and points of views and demanding creative responses, which students are likely to experience later in their professional lives.

List of the common workshops

Since 2000, students of the 3 schools of the Artem Alliance learn to work together and to listen their differences trough the Artem workshops, real laboratory of ideas and exchanges crossroads. These workshops are the historical heart of the Artem pedagogical collaboration.

These workshops concern students in the second year of the Master program at ICN Business School and Mines Nancy (respectively 450 students and 150 students) and students from the last two years of training at the École nationale supérieure d’art et de design de Nancy ( 50 students). Each year, 650 students engage in shared teaching.

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ARTEM in Corporate Partnership Development

The ICN has a long history of corporate partnerships, in its region, in France and abroad. As with international cross-cultural experience, the School also stresses the importance of professional experience for its students. In all degree-awarding programs, students have to validate a minimum time working in a private company or public organization before graduation. Furthermore, the School has identified specific corporate and public partners with an ARTEM-profile. These institutions form the ARTEM Enterprises association, uniting currently over 40 corporations and institutions. The School is further working on the identification of new corporate and public partners to which it can offer its unique multi-disciplinary expertise.

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