Living in Chengdu

Unlike traditional Chinese destinations, Chengdu is not located on the east coast and thus retains a more traditional side that cities like Shanghai or Beijing.

With nearly 17 million inhabitants, it is however a very modern city known for “its relaxed lifestyle and pandas”. As a very active economic center, the city of Chengdu is one of the cities in which the Chinese state invests a lot because it represents the future of China.

The standard of living is very modern and access to all other important areas in Asia are direct (international airport, high speed train stations …). The city is a great place to experience Chinese culture and many universities in the city are among the best universities in China. The mountainous regions surrounding also can discover a little known aspect of China.

The cost of living in Chengdu is very correct and allows to have cheaply fun.

To learn more about the city, visit the website of the tourism office of Chengdu.