Research Department

Research activity and Poles of expertise

Research activity is principally directed towards the interface between academic disciplines and regional topics, and draws on three strong partnerships:

  • with the CEREFIGE research laboratory, the Lorraine region’s research reference in Management and Financial Economy,
  • with the LGIPM, the Laboratory for Industrial Engineering, Production and Maintenance (Laboratoire de Génie Industriel, de Production et de Maintenance),
  • with the collaborative research effort generated by Artem.

Over recent decades ICN Business School has developed four original poles of expertise, around which ICN research is now structured:

  • Management, Behavior and Organization
  • Governance and Regulation
  • Federating Innovation, Regions and Entrepreneurship
  • Logistics, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing and Maintenance

Research and development yearbooks

Each year, the Faculty and Research Department of the school publishes a yearbook allowing to share results of the research activity with the teaching and research world.

  • Research and development – Yearbook 2015 [Download]
  • Research and development – Yearbook 2014 [Download]
  • Research and development – Yearbook 2013 [Download]
  • Research and development – Yearbook 2012 [Download]
  • Research and development – Yearbook 2011 [Download]

Partners Laboratories

Prefered partner laboratory:

The CEREFIGE (EA n°3942), European Centre for Research in Financial Economics and Business Management, is a research laboratory in Management Science and Finance that belongs to the University of Lorraine.

The CEREFIGE laboratory has two sites, one in Nancy and the other in Metz. CEREFIGE hosts mainly lecturers from IAE, ICN Business School Nancy-Metz, the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management and the IUT, thus pooling many resources (computer room , databases, background documents, software), activities (research seminars, projects, research contracts …), and conferences (in economics and management science).

ICN Business School is one of the founding members of the laboratory CEREFIGE and the majority of ICN Business School faculty are members at this laboratory.

Partner laboratory of the ICN Metz campus:

The LGIPM (Laboratory of Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Production) was formally established by the National School of Engineers of Metz and Paul Verlaine University – Metz in January 1996. It was restructured in January 2009 to become the Laboratory of Industrial Engineering and Production of Metz. Since the restructuring, its main theme is industrial engineering . The main areas of research are concerned with optimization problems in maintenance, management of production, and design of production systems of goods and services, and are based on two fundamental themes grouped as follows :

Theme 1: System Design
This theme aims at designing production systems of goods and services. It is composed of three areas: Performance and design of systems, security and control systems, and reliability and maintenance systems.

Theme 2: Driving and Operating Systems
This theme aims at evaluating the performance of business networks in order to improve their operating strategies and effective exploitation. In this theme, the two following applications are considered: Manufacturing systems and services and business networks. The purpose of the research is decidedly dual-focused, on one hand on the basic research, but on the other hand, it always has concern for industrial applications.

ICN Business School has also strong links with the following partner laboratories:

BETA – Office of Theoretical and Applied Economics

IRENEE – Institute of Research on Evolution of the Nation and the State

LORIA – Lorraine Research Laboratory in Computer Science and its Applications