The ICN Faculty

80% des permanents sont docteurs et 50% des docteurs sont internationaux, soit par leur nationalité, soit par leur diplôme de doctorat.

Since its beginnings in 1905, ICN Business School has recruited a Faculty team of international scope and standing, the members of which have always drawn inspiration from a tradition of close collaboration with the national and international scientific community.

Historically ICN also derives its originality from its attachment to the University of Lorraine, with which it has developed a close research partnership.

With the solid links developed with university research and with the professional business world, ICN Faculty is organized into seven Academic and Professional Departments:

  • Business Environment;
  • Finance, Audit, Accounting and Control;
  • Foreign Languages and Cultures;
  • Marketing;
  • Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior;
  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship;
  • Supply Chain Management and Information Systems.

ICN Business School’s research activity has increased tenfold over the last few years. The Faculty body now has 90 professors (70 permanent and 20 affiliated members).

80% of the permanent members have PhD’s and 50% of these are international either by nationality or by their Doctorate qualification.