An ICN MSc in International Management – MIEX student shares her experience about the program

Jennifer GOMEZ is an Italian-American student in first year of the ICN MSc in International Management – MIEX. Before joining ICN Business School last September, she graduated from the University of Bologna with a degree of international relations and diplomatic affairs. She accepts answering questions about the reasons why she chose this program, what she appreciates in it and her future projects.

Why did you choose the ICN MSc in International Management – MIEX?
In researching master programs, the ICN MSc in International Management – MIEX immediately stood out to me as entirely unique. I was seeking a graduate education that combined formal classroom training with real-world applications, exposing me to contemporary practices in the field, as well as the theory underlying them. The MIEX program does precisely that, and it reflects my passion for cross-cultural perspectives, allowing me to divide my time among three different countries, i.e. France, Italy and China. In a nutshell, with its international focus, comprehensive curriculum and hands-on emphasis, MIEX seemed to be ideal to prepare me for a successful career.

What do you especially appreciate in this program?
One aspect that is often overlooked and taken for granted is the classroom environment. Since day one, the class and staff have been defined by a warm and friendly atmosphere. Having to live abroad, with all the adventures and challenges this entails, along with the numerous group activities, has inevitably created strong bonds among us bound to last. This family-like spirit really makes the difference, as it creates a more productive, exciting and fun overall experience.

What is your professional project?
Well, this is a tough question. This MSc offers plenty of possibilities and for now I am trying to keep all options open. Nevertheless, I definitely see myself working for a firm operating on a global level. In fact, it is important for me to establish and challenge myself in an international setting. For these reasons, I am currently interested in the field of Imports & Exports and Marketing.


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