An ICN MSc in International Management – MIEX Graduate shares his experience about the program

Pranay JOSHI, 2016 ICN MSc in International Management – MIEX Graduate, is Indian. He studied in La Salle in Mexico City during the second year of the program, and works now in Italy: Business Development Manager at Loccioni group (manufacturing industry) in Ancona. He accepts answering questions about the reasons why he chose this program, his experience and his current job.

Why did you choose the manufacturing industry sector and what was your background before joining the MIEX program?
Currently, I am working for Loccioni group which is a leading engineering company developing measuring and testing solutions for the manufacturing and service industry. Before taking up the MIEX program, I had completed my engineering and worked for a year in India as a business development manager with an IT company. I would be lying if I tell you that I was always fascinated by engineering. Inherently, I am a people’s person and value human relationships more than anything else. This is the reason why I started off my career in a business development role. During my first job, I realized that my strong analytical and reasoning skills that I had developed in the course of becoming an engineer helped me not only understand the problems of our clients quickly, but also effectively communicate them to my technical team and give our clients an exceptional experience. Thus, working for an engineering company after finishing MIEX was an obvious choice for me.

Why did you choose La Salle for the second year?
Honestly, I went to Mexico just to be able to cover as many countries as possible during this once in lifetime opportunity called “MIEX”. I had never travelled abroad before taking up the MIEX program so I wanted to make the most of this opportunity. I was always curious about knowing different cultures and this was my chance to experience the diversity that the world has to offer. At the end of this truly adventurous international journey, I learnt that all of us share the same human emotions.

How did you find your current job?
I got the opportunity to visit Loccioni group in March 2015, thanks to the MIEX program which gives its students a lot of practical knowledge by organizing several company visits. My ancestry comes from the great Himalayas in India and as a kid, I always dreamt of living and working there. However, the opportunities are very scarce there as all the industries are based around major metropolitan cities. I was absolutely awestruck by the beauty of Loccioni group’s surroundings and immediately sensed an opportunity to realize my dream. Moreover, Loccioni group’s horizontal organizational structure which fosters innovation greatly inspired me as well. At the end of the visit, I expressed my interest of working with them to the director of business development, who very kindly requested me to contact them when I needed an internship. I requested our program coordinator in Bologna to check with Loccioni group if I could voluntarily work for them from China on the weekends as I was going there for my fieldwork. Thanks to the efforts of our coordinator, Loccioni group proposed a project for which some of my other classmates also volunteered. By the end of the project and my stay in China, I contacted Loccioni group again to consider my candidature for an internship post my final academic semester in Mexico. After four rounds of interview, I was finally offered an internship which paved way for a fulltime job.

How did the MIEX program contribute in your finding this job?
I was an engineer with a very little or no management background before joining the MIEX program. MIEX gave me all the tools needed to embark into the journey of becoming a successful business professional. Other than the management skills, I also learnt to embrace diversity which is very important to become a good international business professional. I think this international perspective that I got by living and working in four different countries also helped me in bagging a job at Loccioni group. Needless to mention, if I wouldn’t have joined the program I would have never got the opportunity to know the wonderful Italian company that I work with.

What does your current position involve?
Loccioni group’s business model is of “diffused entrepreneurship”, so basically each employee is the captain of his own ship. As soon as I joined the group, I was given a blank paper to write the business plan for India. Since then, I have been putting all my efforts and energies in trying to start group’s operations in India. I always had an entrepreneurial streak in me and all I needed was a bit of empowerment. I am very passionate about doing great things for the group in India and I am backed to do this by technological and financial support so, I see no reason why I would not evolve from being a young professional to an entrepreneur. Thanks to the international outlook of the group, I get to interact with people from so many different countries, learn from them and grow as an individual.

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